Musings, Opinion / April 26, 2017

To the Good and Righteous People of the Internet Who are Offended By the P-Word… But, You Know… Only When Women Say It:

The below video is making the rounds on my social media feeds today.  It illustrates with indignation, as the most graphic and publicized celebrity quotes from last weekend’s Women’s March are replayed with captions, that “our children are watching” and ends with a pointed question:”What message does that send?”(Credit: Washington Free Beacon)Mimicking Hillary Clinton’s (in)famous Role Models campaign ad, the video’s point is well taken; there are certainly ways to champion a cause without resorting to profane language or sexually explicit imagery.But the video doesn’t tell the whole story.The Women’s March did not happen in a vacuum, and moral commentary on the March that ignores all of the events leading up to it is woefully incomplete.”Our children are watching”?Yes, they are.Our children were also watching when Donald Trump said one offensive and profane statement after…

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