Musings, Opinion / April 12, 2017

Positively Political: Rejecting Old-Hat Party Politics in 2016

When did negativity become so damn synonymous with politics?I know how naive that sounds.  In truth, politics have always had an inherent aspect of negativity.  For as long as there have been political issues and cultural divides, there have been parties on one side voicing criticism of the other.  The better question may be: when did we let negativity hijack the national discourse?  When did it become more about what the other person is doing wrong than about what we are doing right, or better yet, what we can all do together?In the three presidential election cycles that have passed since I’ve been of voting age, I have witnessed negative messaging take on new, insidious and increasingly visible forms.  The prevalence of social media hasn’t helped.  We now live in a 24-hour media culture, where a 140-character Tweet seemingly has the power to divide…

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