DIY / April 12, 2017

DIY Bride: Bride & Groom Chair Signs (from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…)

I always knew I wanted to incorporate some DIY projects and personal, homemade touches into our wedding.  So, when my step-daughter, Aubrey, presented me with Han Solo and Princess Leia plush dolls and told me I *had* to incorporate them into the wedding, I gladly rose to the challenge.  (And let’s be honest – JC and I are pretty big nerds, so incorporating a little Star Wars into our nuptials wasn’t that much of a stretch!)It didn’t take long for us to settle on the idea of Star Wars inspired bride and groom chair signs.  Once that was decided, the text was a no-brainer.  Any self-respecting Star Wars fan knows this iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back, when Leia tells Han “I love you”, as he’s seconds away from being put into carbon freeze, and he replies with classic Solo-swagger, “I…

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