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DIY Bride: Bride & Groom Chair Signs (from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…)

chair collageI always knew I wanted to incorporate some DIY projects and personal, homemade touches into our wedding.  So, when my step-daughter, Aubrey, presented me with Han Solo and Princess Leia plush dolls and told me I *had* to incorporate them into the wedding, I gladly rose to the challenge.  (And let’s be honest – JC and I are pretty big nerds, so incorporating a little Star Wars into our nuptials wasn’t that much of a stretch!)

It didn’t take long for us to settle on the idea of Star Wars inspired bride and groom chair signs.  Once that was decided, the text was a no-brainer.  Any self-respecting Star Wars fan knows this iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back, when Leia tells Han “I love you”, as he’s seconds away from being put into carbon freeze, and he replies with classic Solo-swagger, “I know.”  So good!


Star Wars Inspired Bride and Groom Chair Signs DIY

Materials Used:

To start, I cleaned the wood signboards to make sure they were free of any dust or particles.  Next, I painted the top and sides with two coats of white craft paint, letting the paint dry completely between coats.


Next came the lettering.  Using a very light pencil, I drew the messages freehand, and after a little trial and error, was pleased with the overall look.  A more Type-A personality would have measured the spacing ahead of time or used a stencil, but where’s the fun in that?  (As an aside: there is a hilarious bit in comedian John Mulaney’s The Comeback Kid special about the perils of free-handing posters.  This is must watch entertainment, folks.  Highly recommend!) But, I digress….

Back to the project: using a very thin liner paint brush, I traced over my lettering in black paint.  Once that dried, I used the metallic gold paint to add dimension to the lettering, tracing over the top/left sides of all of the letters.

Here’s my pro-tip for painting a straight/clean line that I learned from my grandfather, who was a professional fine artist: try not to focus your eyes on where your paint brush is; focus on where it’s headed.  This is a lot like driving a car straight down the highway.  You don’t look two feet in front of your bumper; you look at a point down the road.  Similarly, when painting, keeping your eyes focused on where you’re going helps keep your hand steady and relaxed.  IMG_2050

For the final paint step, I covered the edges of the sign with gold leaf paint, which helped to elevate the overall look.  Using a power drill, I made two holes at the top corners of each sign.  I then threaded jute through the holes and tied it off at the desired length.  Using a small length of floral wire, I attached the dolls to the signs by poking the wire through the back of the dolls and then wrapping/securing it around the jute rope.  Next, I tied the various lengths of ribbon around the jute to give the signs a romantic, whimsical feel.  The final touch was a small sprig of baby’s breath tucked into the ribbons – quite becoming on mini Solo, if I do say so myself.


For such an impromptu project, I really loved the end result.  It was equal parts sweet and nerdy, just like the bride and groom!  My only regret is that I didn’t take more time to photograph the work in progress, but by this point in the process, I was in full-on GET IT DONE mode.  *Leans in to whisper* you may not have heard this, but brides-to-be can be somewhat…impatient. 😉

What do you think?  Did you incorporate any nerdy/quirky details into your own wedding?  What are some of the best wedding DIY projects you’ve seen?  Let’s compare notes.



Megan Hughes

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