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Bridal Shoes & Our Not-So Shotgun Wedding

My fiancé, JC, loves to tell people that we’re having a shotgun wedding…minus the unplanned pregnancy.

A little backstory?  After getting engaged last June, we casually discussed our thoughts on a wedding but held off making any plans in favor of enjoying month after month of blissfully stress-free engaged life.  Nine months into our engagement, I happened across a venue I liked and noticed they had some dates still available in 2016.  Flash forward a week, and we had booked our wedding venue and set our wedding date for July 2nd…as in less than four short months away!  GULP.  Call it an act of bold, can-do decision making or blind, dumb optimism, but when we asked each other if we (a couple of notorious procrastinators) could pull off all of the planning, budgeting, and logistics in that short amount of time, the answer was yes; yes we can, and it will be awesome.

Soon after, it became clear to us why most couples book their weddings closer to a year in advance.  There are so many decisions to be made, from the big ticket items (venue, caterer, bridal party) down to the minutia of envelope wording and everything in between.  The to-do list is a bit daunting, but we’re making steady progress and have committed to a no-stress mantra.  After all, weddings are meant to be a celebration!

That’s not to say that some aspects of planning aren’t more fun than others – like shoe shopping.  *Does mental happy dance*  Now, I like shoes as much as the next girl, but wedding shoe shopping has a certain added je ne sais quoi appeal.  Up to this point, the wedding has been this exciting-yet-distant idea, but the shoes?  The shoes make it so real.

There will be a wedding.

I will be standing at the alter.

I will have these shoes on my feet.


But seriously, I’ve had so much fun browsing styles online and have already collected a short list of favorites.  My only real criteria at the outset was that I wanted something appropriate for the hot, summer weather and relatively low-heeled, so I will still love the shoes an hour into the reception.

Here’s the roundup:

This gold “Martina” d’Orsay pair from BHLDN ($130) is sparkly enough to feel special without going overboard.  The kitten heals are a dainty touch, though I’m not sure how comfortable they’d be for long periods of time.

bhldn hiterto

This “Caitlin” Badgely Mischka pump  from Nordstrom ($160) is similar in style and price to the BHLDN pair, but in a blush pink color that would fit perfectly with my “soft neutral” color palette.

Nord BM

Keeping with the d’Orsay theme, this Kate Spade New York “Sala” pump from Nordstrom ($328) is a real contender.  This shoe brings the fun, quirky details Kate Spade is known for in the form of an oversized bow and oh-so-fabulous glittery gold heel.  My main concern with this pair is that I will need to constantly check my dress to make sure it’s not stuck on the bow, and that seems like drama I don’t need!  Also, at over $300, this is one of the pricier pairs on my list.

Nord Kate Spade

This Nina “Radha” Swarovski peep toe wedge from Nordstrom ($229) is very similar in style to the first two options, but with a more comfortable wedge heel option.  I’m not wowed by the style, though.  I think I’m leaning towards something with a little more personality.

Nina Nord

Which brings us to this option, L.K. Bennett’s “Lourdes” Metallic Leather Sandal from Nordstrom ($345).  Pros: comfortably-low heel height, lovely soft blush color, versatile style that can be worn again and again.  Cons: I am always leery of a sandal with lots of straps.  In my experience, no matter how comfortable the shoe, straps = blisters.  Also, the price…

Nord LKB

Going in a more casual direction, this Menbur “Gazania” embellished flat sandal from Nordstrom ($125) screams summer, but still has enough glitz to elevate it to wedding-worthy status.  I think this pair is a real contender, and would compliment the soft, flowing wedding dress styles I prefer.  I may actually buy this style to wear throughout the wedding weekend, if not the ceremony itself. Bonus: JC will love that it’s a flat (he’s not a huge fan of sky-high heels).


As much as I like the last option, this next pair, the “Gardiner” Heel by Blue by Betsey Johnson from BHLDN is my favorite, and at $100, they are also the most affordable pair on my list.  LOVE when that happens!  With its simple silhouette and pastel floral print, if this pair doesn’t embody my theme of “soft, dreamy blush tones”, I don’t know what will! SOLD.


What, did you think we were done?  Not quite.  I saved the best for last – because no self-respecting nerd-girl’s wedding would be complete without a pair of besparkled sneakers making at least one appearance. Princess Kate had her “reception dress”.  I will have my “reception sneakers”.  It’s settled.  These Keds for Kate Spade New York glitter sneakers ($80) will be mine.

Kate Spade Keds

IMG_0099So, what do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above options, and I welcome any feedback or advice you might have for JC and I as we attempt to squeeze six months’ worth of planning into half that amount of time.  Reach out in the comments section or feel free to email me at – even if it’s just to tell me we’re crazy. 🙂















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